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Various commercial projects
Commercial Job
Commercial Caulking Project
  • Toronto condo high rise
Toronto, On

We were hired to assist in sealing all the window perimeters, metal to metal, glass to metal and precast joints on this leaky condo building.

Commercial Project
High Rise Caulking
Mississauga, On

We re-caulked all of the exterior windows and precast joints. The old product was failing due to poor workmanship.

Low Rise Caulking
Re-caulking On Commercial Building
Toronto, On

A contract which consisted of sealing the full exterior foundation to window frame to prevent rodent entry points. Aprox 3000Ln feet of caulking

Industrial Caulking
Caulking On a building
Brampton, On

We were hired to assist in sealing all the glass panels and back pans, as well as window perimeters on this new industrial build.

Exterior Work
Low Rise Job
Mississauga, On

Foundation, Windows, and various building penetration points were sealed on this building.

Commercial Project
Industrial building caulking
Mississauga, On

A huge number of leaks were repaired on this low rise office building. All metal, glass and window perimeter joints were re-caulked.

Window Caulking
Caulking on a building
Brampton, On

We re-caulked all these precast panels. They required a back bead installed as well as a drainage hole to prevent water building.

Commercial Contractors
Industrial Work
Oakville, On

External windows, doors, interior windows and smoke sealing in the underground parking lot was required on this project.

Exterior Commercial
Low Rise Industrial
North York, On

The stucco on this storefront was redone complete with window mouldings. A caulking replacement was required around all windows and door perimeters.

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