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 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose your company?
With choosing Gold Seal Caulking you can feel confident the job will be done correctly and to your standards. No corners are cut, full warranty coverage, the use of the highest graded materials, quality assurance and professional employees that are capable of handling any job that is put in front of us.
With Gold Seal Caulking, you are bringing extensive knowledge in regards to different materials and how they function as well as the highest quality workmanship to any job you require.

Are you insured?
Yes. Gold Seal Caulking is 100% fully insured and covered under WSIB. Documentation can be provided upon request.

What are your prices?
The prices vary per job, there are different costs for new caulking, re-caulking, glazing etc... Different factors play a part into the cost (what material to be removed, joint size to name a few...) Although we cannot provide a price without having job details or physically seeing the job, we can tell you that our prices are competitive.

Why not contact us and we will be glad to provide you a quote at no charge to you.
What is the process in obtaining a quotation?
To obtain a quotation, simply contact us by either completing our request form, emailing us or contacting us by phone. We then schedule a day and time to come out and view the work required. We always make the effort to come out and view the work, it is only in fair practice to provide each individual with a fair quote by viewing the work. We do not agree on pricing without physically viewing the work - this is unfair to the customer.
During the inspection, it is not required for anyone to be at the property as long as we have been given permission to access the property and view the work. Quotations can be delivered to you in your prefered method, typically we email the quotation to the potential customer which will provide all necessary details in depth.

Why not contact us and we will be glad to provide you a quote at no charge to you.
Do you provide a written quotation?
We typically email the quotation, but of course a hard copy could also be provided or left at the property upon request.

Why is it so important to replace failed caulking?
Not everyone understands the importance of caulking. Caulking is the MAIN SEAL from the outside to the inside which makes it extremely important. When caulking is failed there is a very little separating the exterior from the interior of your home/unit. Failed caulking is one of the main sources of air loss, which results in increased heating and cooling costs. With failed caulking you are open to a wide range of possible problems - air loss, mold, mildew, condensation, increase of dust/dirt/insects entering in the interior, and of course the possibility of leaks.
It is advisable to replace your caulking as soon as a sign of failure to the caulking occurs.

Will I really save on my utility bills?
Yes. It is estimated savings are between 20-30%, in some cases even higher. If you put together all the cracks and leaks in the average Canadian home, you would end up with a hole in the wall the size of a basketball. If multiple areas are left unsealed, the collective effect can be like leaving a window open year round. There is a reason when a home inspection or energy audit is performed, failed caulking is always recommended to replace.

The cost of obtaining the proper sealant, properly installed by a qualified caulking contractor, is a good investment and one that pays for itself very quickly.

How do I know when I should replace the caulking on my Windows/Doors?
In most cases "failed" caulking is visible to the eye - it will either be split, have cracks, or air bubbles. In some cases it is not so visible to the eye but a draft may be felt from the inside, or interior damage around the area may be seen. If you are unsure if your caulking has failed or needs to be replaced, you may contact us and we will be glad to assist.

Cant I just do it myself on my own home?
As with anything, of course you can, but we are considered professionals for a reason - we specialize in this field of work. We have the tools and "tricks" to provide clean straight finishes and proper seals, and we also understand the difference in materials and how they will perform on different substrates. There is more to caulking then just purchasing material and applying it, if you are not familiar with applying caulking to a window, door or any other area for that matter then you could be wasting your money if you are not applying it properly. Since most homes have fairly large caulking joints, your standard caulking materials and caulking gun would not be large enough to cover the joint properly, therfore you would end up paying more for materials alone than to hire us and do it properly, let alone the possibility of it failing sooner than it should.

The cost of obtaining the proper sealant, properly installed by a qualified caulking contractor, is a good investment and one that pays for itself very quickly.

When is the best time of year to replace my caulking?
We work all year round. Anytime of the year is perfectly fine to do the work, as long as the temperatures are no lower than -20c and no higher than +35c.

Do you offer a warranty?
Yes. Gold Seal Caulking offers a 10 Year Written Warranty for all RESIDENTIAL sealant work performed by Gold Seal Caulking. All materials used also carry a manufacteur warranty of 15 years.

Commercial units, New Residential builds and New Commercial builds are excluded from the 10 year warranty coverage. However, we do offer a separate warranty in these instances.

Can you explain the process?
We first remove any existing caulking (if any exists). We then fully clean the surface to ensure a full strength bond can occur. We use a spray foam or a backer-rod to fill any voids around the area serviced. Finally, we add a bead of caulking to the clean and dry surface which we smooth out to a clean straight finish for a strong seal. VIEW PHOTO FOR A VISUAL DESCRIPTION.

What type of caulking is being used?
All of the materials we work with are commercial grade, high performace materials. These include silicones, urethanes, polyurea, latex, acrylic, butyl rubber. All residential and commercial builds are sealed with a silicone based caulking or a urethane based caulking. We use the same materials on all commercial units and residential units. We can recommend which material should be used based on the type of surface being sealed.
Should you wish to have any documentation for any materials used, we will gladly provide you with them.

I just had a new window/door installed, should I replace the caulking?
In most cases window/door installation companies do not use the same quality materials as we do, they commonly use a material refered to as "Elastomeric" they also will not provide you with a smooth clean finish as we will do. The materials they would use are most likely the same material that you need to replace. When first applied the material may look good to the eye, but the performance is not so great and will not have the same life span as the materials we use.

My windows have metal capping around them, do I need to caulk them as well?
Yes. Metal capping on a window does not create a proper seal. It is made to be a decorative trim. On the exterior of the capping are visible caulking joints, they may fail and need replacing. In behind these capping still exists a caulking bead where you would normally see on uncapped windows. We seal the edge of these caps to make sure all areas are sealed that cannot be seen. Here is an example

Can you leave the old caulking and go over it with new caulking to save money?
Unfortunately we cannot. You will not have a strong bonded caulking bead. There will be less material applied, and less bonding to the edges. A properly applied caulking bead MUST be applied to a CLEAN surface. We take great pride in our work, and ensure all steps are taken to provide you with the highest quality workmanship and lasting product.

Can I select my own colour?
In most cases the colour is selected to match the frame it is being applied to. If you wish to have a different colour, we can provide you with over 50 colour samples to select from.

Do I need to be home when the work is being done outside?
No, all residential work is done off ladders and in most cases does not require any inside access. However, we do ask that any locked gates or fences be kept open for access to all working areas.

How long will the work take on my home?
Most homes are completed in 1 day. However, depending on unpredicted, inclement weather or other circumstances, it may take additional time.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept Cash, Cheque, Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) and E-Transfer.
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